Hi 👋🏾, Jesus here!

Hi 👋🏾, Jesus here!

I'm a Program Manager with experience working with Early-stage Ventures, Corporates, Government institutions, NGOs, and Education Institutions, in the design and implementation of small to large scale projects, and facilitating co-creation workshops.

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I'm currently working for the United Nations Development Program, as Project Coordinator for Entrepreneurship and SMEs Development. My work includes partnering with different stakeholders, from government institutions, ecosystem builders, and entrepreneurs, providing technical support, advisory, and funding to help reach their goals, promoting economic development.

I also provide consultancy and mentorship to entrepreneurs and small business owners in aspects related to Business Operations and fundraising, and I write blog posts on topics around entrepreneurship on Medium.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn, reach out on Twitter or drop me an email at jesus@kiteque.com, and let's grab a cup ☕ !

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